Evropský soud pro lidská práva se vyjádřil ke stížnostem na povinné očkování v ČR

Velký senát Evropského soudu pro lidská práva se vyjádřil ke stížnostem na povinné očkování v ČR v rámci kauzy Vavřička a ostatní proti ČR

Tisková zpráva se shrnutím závěrů Velkého senátu je k dispozici zde: Grand Chamber judgment Vavricka and Others v. Czech Republic – obligation to vaccinate children against diseases that were well known to medical sci

Z rozhodnutí Velkého senátu lze poukázat zejména na tato konstatování:

It recognised that the Czech policy pursued the legitimate aims of protecting health as well as the
rights of others, noting that vaccination protects both those who receive it and also those who
cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and are therefore reliant on herd immunity for protection
against serious contagious diseases. It further considered that a wide “margin of appreciation” was
appropriate for the respondent State in this context.

The judgment emphasises that in all decisions concerning children, their best interests must be of
paramount importance. With regard to immunisation, the objective has to be that every child is
protected against serious diseases, through vaccination or by virtue of herd immunity. The Czech
health policy could therefore be said to be consistent with the best interests of the children who
were its focus.