Pozvánka do Paříže

Dear Colleagues 

Fourth Cambridge Consortium for Bioethics Education

Paris, France, June, 23, 24, 25, 2014


“Practical Problems and Shared Solutions”


Cambridge University Press invites you to join us in advancing the goals of our international bioethics community.

Although as bioethicists we represent a variety of disciplines, there are certain truths we hold in common: (1) that the future of our field rests on the foundation of Bioethics Education and (2) ensuring the strength of this foundation requires a bold look at where we are now and what future directions should be pursued.


Key themes of the Consortium include:


Innovative Methodologies

Teaching Bioethics Through, Literature

Using Film and the Arts

Multidisciplinary Approaches

Research Ethics

Promoting student self-reflection

Virtues and Values

Training Ethics Consultation

Measuring Outcomes

Teaching Across Disciplines


For more information: http://www.cambridgebioethics.com